The world’s big cities need more environmentally friendly and reasonable alternatives in personal transport. For commuters traveling by train, boat and bus to large cities, this only covers parts of the journey, and there is still a need for transport to the home and workplace.

WhiteRabbit utilizes known technology in new ways for fun and safe transport in urban environments. The design is inclusive with focusing on ease of use, safety and light weight. WhiteRabbit can replace a car in a variety of everyday situations, both for private and for business, such as a trip to the store, a meeting, or to the dentist during working hours.

Tourists also needs a transport method with easy navigation and use. Since the solution is collapsible, it makes it small and friendly in urban environments where alternatives such as bicycle, car, etc. is no longer appropriate.


Easy one step fold&go, simply drag it as a carry-on suitcase.


Fold more 2 store

Fold it twice for an even smaller storage volume.


  • Every street light can be replaced with a “Unify hub”
  • Pick-up point for city scooters
  • Charging point for turists and inhabitants on the go
  • Meeting and information point
  • Brings light, smartness and safety to the community


  • Remove parked cars in city centres
  • Use free space for “smart bike lanes”
  • “Soft dividers” as visual and physical barrier
  • Projected virtual lane for added safety (four seasons)
  • Integrated sensors for a smart and connected system