“Create the best personal mobility solutions for people in great cities around the world.”


MA-Consult AS was established in 2017 by Martin Otto Fougner and Svein Kallum, with the mission to develop the world’s best solution for commuters in the world’s major cities, launching international spring 2018.

The world’s big cities are in need of more environmentally friendly and reasonable alternatives in personal transport. For commuters traveling by train, boat and bus to big cities, this only covers parts of the journey and there is still a need for transportation between hubs for public transport, the home and the workplace.

Fougner has 15 years of experience as an industrial designer and project manager as well as marketing and sales. He holds a Bachelor in Product Design from London, a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from the Architecture and Design College in Oslo, as well as Entrepreneurship from the Gründerskolen at UiO.

Fougner has also taught industrial design at several colleges in Norway and won a number of international awards for his designs. Fougner has extensive experience in entrepreneurial projects with the establishment and start-up of new businesses.


Tommy N. Lund – Business developer

Lund has over 15 years of experience in banking and finance, both from DNB Bank ASA and SEB. He holds a Master of Management from BI and undergraduate private law from UiO. He currently works as an adviser and investor, and help start-ups with capital acquisition, budgeting, market position and sales of their solutions / services.

Svein Harald Kallum – Chairman

Kallum has extensive experience as former CEO of Bakelittfabrikken. Kallum has been involved in a number of major startups, including one of two founders behind the electric car Think.